Instructions for FRA Organization Admin

As the Organization Admin, you have control of how many licenses you want, what users may use the licenses and what courses are to be offered.

To access your organization page on Front Row Agile, you must first set up a Front Row Agile account.

  • To create an account on Front Row Agile, go to and click on the “Create Account" button on the top right.  Fill out the required spaces.
  • You will then receive an email from Front Row Agile with the subject “Please Validate Your Email”.  You will be asked to activate your account by visiting the URL in the body of the message.

Adding courses to your page  

  • Click on your organization Admin Dashboard in the drop down menu of your account
  • Click on ‘Purchase History’ on the left hand side of your page.
  • Then click the red Purchase Additional Licenses Button. (See Fig 1)

Fig 1

You will now be on a page which shows ‘Courses’ for you to fill out the field below.

  • Go to the blue drop down field and choose the course you wish to add.  You may view the pricing for each course by clicking the red "view pricing" link. 
  •  Fill in the number of licenses for each course.
  • If you have a discount code, enter in the space provided. (See Fig 2)

Fig 2

When you have filled out your courses click the red Review Order button.  There you can review your order and make any changes by clicking the gray “edit” button.

At this time you will also enter your billing information by clicking the red Enter Billing Information button.  (See Fig 3).

Fig 3

Manage Course Access

As organization admin you will manage who has access to the courses, see how many licenses have been started, completed, total licenses purchased and how many remain.  When you click on the Organization Admin Dashboard, you will all your courses listed with information for total licenses, how many users have started and completed the course and remaining licenses.  Here you are able to manage who can access courses and see full reports on user progress.

To manage who has access to the courses click on your Admin Dashboard and then on the red “Manage Access Restrictions” link on the right side of the course image. (See Fig. 4 below)

Fig 4

You will be redirected to Manage Course Access page where you can copy and paste, or type in the emails of the people you want to have access to the courses your company paid for.

Click the red Update button (See Fig 5 below)

Fig 5

View Full Report

There is also a Full Report page that gives a report on the users and their course activity. 

To access the Full Report, click on the red “View Full Report” link on the right side of the course image.

You will then see the users name and their activity information.  You may also search by typing in a user name, email and enrolled after date. (See fig 6 below)

Fig 6

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