How do I access Company/Organization FRA Page?

To access your organization’s page on Front Row Agile, you must first set up a Front Row Agile account.

  • To create an account on Front Row Agile, go to and click on the “Create Account" button on the top right.  Fill out the required spaces.

  • You will then receive an email from Front Row Agile with the subject “Please Validate Your Email”.  You will be asked to activate your account by visiting the URL in the body of the message.
  • Your organization admin will notify you with your organization’s URL link. Click on that link and then sign in by clicking the red Sign In or Create Account on the left side.  See Oceanic Airlines page below.

Once you sign in, a yellow tab will pop up on the page prompting you to check your email again for another account validation.  In your email,  click on the URL in the body of email and you will be redirected to your Front Row Agile account and now you will see your organization name in the drop down menu when you click on your account.  
  •  Click on Courses for your organization in the drop down menu.
  •  Once on the Organization course page you will see the available courses that you have access to.
  •  Click on the course image to gain access to video.
Here is an example Oceanic Airlines page showing drop down menu and courses available.
You will also notice the red My Profile link on the left side of the page (see in example above).  When you click on that you are redirected to your Front Row Agile profile page, where you are able to see your course progress, course completions and credits. 

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